I wanted to tell you, I recently had a carb rebuild done, on my 1970 Yamaha CT 1 175, The previous owner, was running it while the carb would flood the cylinder while running, when my mechanic checked out the whole bike, he noticed gas mixed into the engine oil, and that all my seals were leaking!  As you could imagine, splitting the cases on that would be astronomical in price, and while I am restoring the bike. I wanted to do it all the right way!

So, before getting into the cases, the old oil was drained, refilled with new, and your directions followed,  initially it leaked, more oil was added, and the bike ridden, no more leaks, It has been 2 months since then and no leaks, My mechanic didn’t want to part with the rest of it, So I gave it as a tip, It has cured fork seals, lawn mowers, scooter’s etc. I am grateful and again amazed , I needed to know I had some around in case!! Thanks

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