Thanks for the rapid shipment… it’s actually for my son’s car and he’s driving it daily. Heck I ‘ve used Seal Lube several times before and have sent hundreds of customers to your eBay sites to buy from you over the years. I tell ALL my Auto Service customers that have any type of leak that qualifies for Seal Lube to use and enjoy the benefits supplied by this “unique” product. I say unique because after 35 years in the automotive and engineering business , I have yet to find a product as effective as Seal Lube for eliminating costly “Rear Main Engine Seal” leaks or “The Dreaded Front Main Seal” leaks in Automatic Transmissions.  There are imitators out there to be sure but in reality they are mere “Posers” trying to pass themselves off as the real deal a.k.a. “Seal Lube”. To sum it up ……It’s like this. Shell out $475 bucks of hard earned money to have your tranny yanked out or give up a cheap trip to Dominoes and buy a bottle of the world’s best stop leak product. Seal Lube ….we love ya.


P.S. sure I could have shut my mouth ….made a lot more $$$ …and never told a soul about your product but that’s not good karma.  I always treat my customers like family and give them the best.


P.P.S. now get to work and stop that leak.


Sincerely , Paris

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