Here’s an update on my leaky fork seals. I was away from home for a week and left the seal lube soaked gauze on top of these fork seals during that time. After returning home, I rode the bike and at first they were still leaking, however after about 150 miles…no more leaks! Since they quit leaking I’ve put another 250 miles on it with no leaks. You have a truly amazing product. These days you see so many claims made for everything from 60 mpg gas treatments to oil additives that give you 20,000 mi. between changes, etc. etc. that it is certainly refreshing to find your claims absolutely true. I’m astounded!   Next I want to see if your product will rejuvenate windshield wiper blades that only last about 6 months out here in Arizona. I’ll let you know. Thank you for a wonderful and useful product !!  Cheers