How Does it work?

SealLube is a special plasticizer that is safe and effective for all rubber seals. After adding SealLube, with the help of fluid circulation, it quickly soaks in and restores rubber seals to their original condition.

How much do I use?

It is recommended to add 1 ounce per quart capacity.  For example: one 8 oz. bottle of SealLube will treat up to 8 quarts of fluid / oil.

How fast does it work?

Since every leak is different, every repair varies in time. If the SealLube is being added to a vehicle or piece of equipment that is used every day or several times a week, it may only take 1 to 2 days.  However, if it’s being added to something that sits for months at a time you may need to start it 2 or 3 times a day for several days, even if it’s only a few minutes at a time.

Do I need to do anything in preparation before using this product?

No.  SealLube works while you drive or as machinery is operated!

Is an immediate fluid / oil change necessary after the leak is stopped?

No.  After the leak is repaired, SealLube will dissipate on it’s own.

How long will the repair last?

Permanently! SealLube is a clear liquid with absolutely no particulate matter (which can potentially clog the system) and does not contain any petroleum distillates which can harm or destroy rubber seals after temporarily expanding them.

Does SealLube really help prevent future leaks?

Yes.  Rubber seals often shrink and lose their flexibility due to heat, age and wear. Adding SealLube helps condition and revitalize all rubber seals, therefore preventing them from leaking.

Can I add SealLube if I just added an oil stabilizer to my oil?

Yes. SealLube is compatible with all types of  fluid / oil and will work even if other additives have already been added.

Can I use this in my brake system?


Can I use this in my cooling system?

No.  It is not formulated to work for cooling system leaks.

What else will SealLube work on?

Farm tractors, heavy equipment, hydraulic pumps, jacks, diesel engines, marine engines, differentials, refillable shock absorbers, gear cases, trim tabs, I/O drives, air conditioner O-rings,  PTO valves and much more!

Can sealLube be used in a shared fluid system?


Is SealLube guaranteed to work?

Yes! Every bottle has been guaranteed to work since 1962.


How Does it work?

SlipLube is a super slippery, super tough extreme pressure lubricant that is capable of clinging to the high end of fluid systems. It’s impervious to moisture, foaming, heat and pressure, which allows engines to operate cooler, quieter and longer!

Why do I need SlipLube?

This Friction Fighting Formula reduces operating temperatures, increases oil pressure and provides constant lubrication. This combination not only extends an engine’s life, but can increase gas mileage up to 20%.

How much do I use in my engine?

16 oz. of SlipLube treats 4 to 6 quarts of oil.

Can SlipLube be added to synthetic oil?

Yes.  SlipLube is compatible with all types of conventional and synthetic oil.

How long will SlipLube stay in the system?

The effects of SlipLube can last up to 4 oil changes. However, it is recommended to add at every oil change.

When should it be added?

For best results, it is recommended to add every oil change. Do not overfill.

Can this be used to help prevent leaks?

Yes. SlipLube keeps all rubber, leather, rope and cork seals positively lubricated, therefore protecting them from becoming hard, shrunken or worn.

Does SlipLube contain any petroleum distillates or any potentially clogging components?

No.  It does not contain graphite, teflon, PTFE resin or petroleum distillates.

Can it be used in a shared fluid system?


What else can this be added to besides my engine?

SlipLube can be added to most power assisted hydraulic systems, including: Tractors, farm equipment, turbo engines, marine engines, motorcycles, snowmobiles, manual transmissions, power steering units and heavy equipment.

How much do I add to the differentials, power steering unit and manual transmission?

It is recommended to add 3 oz. of SlipLube per quart capacity.

Can I add SlipLube to my automatic transmission?

No. This product should never be used in automatic transmissions.