16 oz SlipLube – Case of 12

Part No. 3012

  • The Ultimate Friction Fighting Formula! – Easy to use
  • Compatible with all conventional and synthetic oil
  • Protects against heat and wear instantly
  • Reduces operating temperature and extends engine life



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SlipLube is a super slippery, super tough extreme pressure lubricant that protects engine components from metal to metal scoring and premature wear. This Friction Fighting Formula reduces operating temperatures, increases oil pressure and provides constant lubrication. This combination not only extends an engine's life, but can increase gas mileage up to 20%. SlipLube is compatible with all types of conventional and synthetic oil.


16 oz. treats up to 6 quarts of oil. Do not overfill. Add at anytime. After SlipLube has been added, drive or operate machinery as normal. SlipLube lasts up to 4 oil changes, however more can be added at anytime without fear of overloading the system. Use SlipLube in: cars, trucks, tractors, marine engines, turbo engines, power steering units, motorcycles, snowmobiles and heavy equipment. Does not contain graphite, teflon, PTFE resin or any other potentially clogging components. Will not void new car warranty.

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